Tube Ice

Available in 6, 10, and 20 pound packages



Block Ice

Pressed block is available in 10 pound packages. Block size is 6x6x10





Firewood is sold by the bundle (.75 cents) or by the pallet (60 bundles to a pallet)





AC ICE COMPANY tests our packaged ice once a month for total coliforms, e-coli and heterotropic plate count. All records are kept on file at AC ICE COMPANY and are available for inspection at any time. AC ICE COMPANY adheres to the Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards (PIQCS) plus that the IPIA has set up. In accordance with our IPIA membership AC ICE COMPANY is audited by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Packaged ice is considered a food product. In this day and age of food recalls and unsafe food handling practices, AC ICE COMPANY is continually striving for excellence in the packaged ice industry.