AC ICE COMPANY starts with City of Brush municipal water, which is known for its softness and purity. Once the water gets to AC ICE COMPANY, it goes through a filter system to ensure that the water used to make our packaged ice is pure, clear, and of the best quality

AC ICE COMPANY produces a 6, 10 and a 20-pound bag of ice using Vogt and Morris tube ice. Tube ice is round, crystal clear ice that is sized to what your customers want in a bag of ice. After our tube ice is processed it is transferred to a machine that screens out all of the smaller pieces of ice and excess water. All that goes into a package of AC ICE is crystal clear tubes of ice.

The ice is then sent to our modern and efficient automated packaging system. Human hands never touch the ice during the process. After the ice is packaged, our production workers stack the bags on pallets.

These pallets are then put into a machine that wraps them in plastic stretch wrap for safe and easy transport. These pallets of ice are then stored in a cold storage warehouse that is kept at approximately 10 degrees.

AC ICE COMPANY has cold storage space to hold more than 350 pallets of ice. This is to ensure that our customers will always have a good supply of ice during those hot summer months. AC ICE COMPANY uses a Hitachi date coder to put a freeze date on every bag of ice. This enables our route salesman to effectively rotate our ice so that it is consumed in a timely manner.